About Us


The International Women’s Forum (IWF) is an unprecedented organization of dynamic women leaders aligned in their commitment to build better global leadership. Started with Chicago among a handful of its founding forums, and now in a fourth decade, IWF has grown to more than 6500 women and includes 76 forums.

Our programs, foundations and global sponsors foster both mission and mind. If you’re looking for an extraordinary network of powerful women, you will certainly find that, but IWF goes far beyond local interests, professional silos or geographical boundaries.

We are a unique organization – peers with incredibly diverse backgrounds – who enjoy and honor reciprocity across all forums. When you join IWF you gain immediate access to, and respect from, amazing top-level male and female leaders across 6 continents.

Your membership travels with you along a continuum of personal and professional growth. Signature conferences take you around the globe, enrich your lifestyle and welcome spouses and next generation leaders to share in our experiences.

Often defined by different goals in different locales within democratic and autocratic governments, in both developed and underdeveloped countries, our trademark is inclusiveness. IWF humanitarianism educates, lifts and inspires all.

We believe the International Women’s Forum will soon be in all 50 North American states along with 50 or more additional nation-states (we are well on the way with 76 forums). We are gifted, growing and global. Inclusive, innovative and influential.


Building the kind of world that some never thought possible.



Membership Considerations
Membership is by invitation only, based on achievement and aspiration. Each forum is an affiliate of the global organization based in Washington, D.C., uniquely reflective of women who have broken through barriers to scale the heights of power and influence. All are women re-drawing the map for how we’ll live, work, create and maintain healthy communities.

Across 24 Time Zones
Your membership gives you access to the entire global IWF body at any time, in any time zone. When you visit IWF locales, you can directly contact that forum’s members for insight and connections. Always check www.iwforum.org for the most current information.


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