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2019 Signature Event

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President Reports 2014

Berlin Summary 5-25-14

written by Sara Sirotzky

President Report January 2014

Distributed 12-27-14

President Reports 2013

May 1 2014 Dinner Program

May 1, 2014 Opening Remarks

Sara's welcome speech


Member Sponsorship Process

Steps requested to nominate/sponsor a new member candidate.

IWF Summary

An overview of the International Women's Forum.

March 16 2015 Dinner Program

IWF 2015 Sponsor Form

Commitment Form

Job Postings

Chicago Restaurants December 2016

Top Chicago restaurants from Steve and Amy Dolinksy

Russia 2017 Trip Invite

From Aleksandra Efimova

Newsletter Links 2015

2016 World Conference Chicago

2016 Conference Notes 12-7-15

Notes from meeting with IWF National

IWF HQ Chicago Bios 7-14-16

IWF member bios from HQ database

Tel Aviv Conference 2016

Newslettter Links 2016

April 27 2016 Annual Dinner

2016 Annual Dinner Sponsor Opportunities

Sponsor Levels and Descriptions

November 6 2017 Annual Dinner

Press Releases

Australia Conference 2018

Newsletter Links 2018

IWF Program Recap October 11 2018

Cocktails & Conversation: Miami

WABN Mentor Program 2018 Aleksandra Efimova

From Olympic Pool to the Board Room - IWF and EY Mentoring Program

Newsletters 2018

Top 30 Tips for Making the Most of an IWF Conference

Included in September/October 2018 Newsletter

IWF Program Recap September 14 2018

Be Your Best: Culture, Leadership & the Impact of Design

Nominating Committee

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